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Since 1994, Racing Systems has managed the production of over 1,000 races for over 1 million runners. We are experts at race timing, race management & production, race marketing. From fun runs to competitive races to corporate events, we provide a professional experience, so that all participants create lasting memories in a fun, safe environment.

Virtual Events

Run Differently™

Virtual Event Setup

Basic Package: $1200

  • 3 hrs of Consulting
  • What is your objective
  • Theme and Overall Look and Feel
  • Timeline - 6 Week Event
  • Registration set up
  • Fundraising set up
  • Results
  • Finisher Certificate
  • Run Keeper™ App integration
  • Build Database for Future Events

Race Timing Services

Data and Registration

Racing Systems will manage the online registration through our registration service for your event. Your participants will appreciate the seamless registration process. You will appreciate the full disclosure and progress of your event with user-friendly applications on your personal registration portal.

Race Timing/Scoring

Your event will be accurately timed and tabulated. Racers will appreciate the disposable timing tags which every registered timed racer receives. Results will be clearly posted and any corrections will be immediately adjusted.

Event Posting and Promotion

Your event will be automatically entered into a master list of races that thousands will view from our Race Calendar. By aligning with the Racing Systems brand your event will be recognized for excellence and be a featured race on our Race Calendar.

Packet Pickup Assistance

You are not alone. Racing Systems is here to help you have a successful packet pick-up. Not only with logistical support, we can also train your volunteers to be knowledgeable about the process. Your participants will have a positive experience and focus on having a great race.

Race Day Services

From mile markers to the starting horn, we have your race covered. Our team provides event support on your game day logistics. Need additional rentals, we have you covered.

Race Production & Management Services

Race Management & Direction

We are experts at race management, course design, permits, registration, logistics, and event production. We can handle your event from start to finish.

Online Registration

We use online registration tools crafted for event directors and race timers. Our registration software is optimized for individuals and teams and features the ability to monitor important race information, data, and registrations.


Race logistics are not easy. Whether it’s obtaining permits, coordinating with local law enforcement, or building the timeline for participants and volunteers, we would love to manage all the details of your race!

Sound / PA

Having a great sound system is mandatory throughout your event. Keep your participants pumped up with music and informed with announcements to ensure the success of your race.

Start / Finish Structures

For obvious reasons, it’s so much cooler to start and finish a race under a gigantic inflatable archway or massive scaffolding with branded banners and flags. We can provide standard as well as customized metal or inflatable start/finish structures.

Course Work

We are seasoned veterans of course design, planning, and routing courses for 5K’s, 10K’s, 15K’s, half marathons, marathons, trail runs, bike races, fun runs, and more! We work with the local organizations to make sure your participants will have an enjoyable race on a safe, memorable course.

Race Packets & Bibs

Have you ever been responsible for stuffing thousands of race packets for pickup at various locations? Racing Systems ensures all race participants get the right packets at the right locations at the expected times. We make packet pickup easy, whether it’s before race day or at the race.

Event Day Photography & Video

Race day photography and video are essential for marketing your race. Get more participants to your next event with engaging, professional video and photo content.

Marketing Services

Website Creation & Hosting

Racing Systems has a team of website developers to help you continue to develop your brand with website design and hosting.

Email Marketing

We will work with you to make sure your participants are properly communicated to. We will help tailor your messaging to reach your clients and further your reach.

Social Media Marketing

Build your brand loyalty and establish yourselves as the best event in the area on your social media platforms. Let us help your numbers grow and meet your goals.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We can look at your website and tailor your plan to get the best reach.


Increase your website’s rankings in search results. With so many events to compete against, let us help you get the best search position for your event.

Race Logo Design

With tons of races every weekend let’s make sure your logo is the best. Our designers can work with you to make sure your logo is on-point.

Swag & Award Design

We can help you design, source and create swag and awards specific to your event that participants will love all while staying within your budget.

Flyers & Rack Cards

Participants will learn about the highlights of your race through expertly crafted Flyers/Rack Cards. Our rack card distribution team can help build that grass roots element for your event.